Custom Book Creation for Autism

  • DecodingMyAutism.com  is our website to try and help parents and children living with Autism in their lives.  We are focused on delivering you the best book we can possible create.  When you think of a sunny day and your child is happy, but their is always that thing you should mention.  Or that little factoid that could make the difference between an awkward moment and a delightful experience.   What do I truly need to know to take care of your child for an hour or two?

    This is also for the newly diagnosed.   I can not image other parents not feeling helpless as you wait for information.  You have done all the paperwork, and talked with the professionals and there is nothing you can do.  So you go searching on the internet and find a ton of books that all say about the same thing.  The general theme is love your child, and we agree and felt they did help, but we needed something different.  We created a way to help decode your child so they can participate in the world around them.  What does another reasonable human being need to know about your child that is unique?

    I hope this helped.  We are going through this ourselves.  🙂

    If you want to help please let us know.  Email Us:  Support@decodingmyautism.com

     For right now 25% off everything in the store, or you can DONATE by clicking here.  

    We have some really nice gifts for the donations.   And thank you for helping us make this a reality



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